Company Overview and Background

Multics Computer Systems Sdn Bhd was founded in 1992 by a group of highly competent people to meet the fast development needs of Information Technology (IT) Solutions in the Malaysian business community. The company is a leading integrated software developer for corporations across the board – SMI’s, Public Listed Companies, Retail Companies, Trading Companies, Property Developers, Construction Companies, Wholesales and Distribution, Warehousing and Logistics, Supermarket and Hypermarkets.

Innovative and Integrate with New Technologies

The company is renown in the market for its ability to innovate and integrate new technologies in communications and multimedia into practical and usable business solutions while continuously enhancing its business application to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Provision with Customized Integrated Solutions

The company does this through the provision of customized integrated solutions on the software side and combines this with a comprehensive range of value-added services on the hardware side through expertise in sourcing and distributing PCs, network products, computer peripherals and software from a variety of business partners.

Delivers Globally Competitive Business Applications for Customer

Multics delivers globally competitive business applications with the functionality and expertise to address local needs while retaining its focus on industry specific software development. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies, each product offers a focused combination of technological expertise and industry know-how. These are the key differentiating factors that set Multics apart from other ERP’s and establish the company as one of the leading software specialists in the Northern Region.

Corporate Values

Competitive Approach

Core Competency and Business Focus

Customer-Oriented Organization

Commitment to Ethical Conduct of Business

Create Products and Solutions

Consistency in All Areas of Organization

Meet our amazing team

Kelvin Ong

Chief Executive Officer

Kelvin Ong has 28 years of experience in software development and project management in the IT Industry. He was a co-founder of Multics Computer Systems Sdn. Bhd. He is responsible for the software analysis, design and development of Multics‘ full range of in-house developed software. He constantly evaluates new technology and serves as Multics‘ software architect. Kelvin Ong holds a Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) from the University of Windsor, Canada.

Mary Ooi

Chief Operating Officer

Mary Ooi has 26 years of experience in sales, marketing and management in the IT industry. She was a founder of Multics Computer Systems Sdn. Bhd. , an IT company specializing in providing a wide range of Applications Software Solutions for small and mid-size enterprises, the retail industry and the housing development industry.She is responsible for the overall business development, management and financial matters of Multics. Mary Ooi received her Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems from Washington State University, USA.

Want to work with our amazing team?

We offer a variety of roles in our company. Join us as we help our clients and customers find the right IT solutions and assist them with what matters most.

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