Account Payable System


Navitas Account Payable System provides a complete creditors management solution for you, controlling account payables, tracking outgoing cash flow, ensuring adequate liquid fund and significantly reducing paper flow. In addition, it provides on-line inquiries, comprehensive reports, detail audit trails, and solid security control system.


  1. Detail information on creditors, including purchase history in both foreign and local currency.
  2. Allow different grouping on creditor information, such as territory, supplier type and one user defined grouping.
  3. Support more than 1,000,000 general ledger accounts.
  4. Support more than 100 department codes.
  5. Support multiple currency in transactions.
  6. Transaction can be put on hold until final confirmation.
  7. Transactions can be posted individually or in batches.
  8. Current posted transactions can be extracted as long as those transactions are not posted to G/L or the year-end processing has not been done.
  9. Apply open credit for transactions individually or in batches.
  10. Fully or partially reverse the applied open credit of current transactions.
  11. Automate application of open credit by specifying the document and amount to apply on.
  12. Online queries and reports of current financial year and history transactions, supplier list, territory list, supplier type list, G/L code list and G/L department list.
  13. Printing comprehensive reports in both local and foreign currency.
  14. Reconcile current year transactions to identify erroneous transactions.


  • Audit Trail Repor
  • Voucher Audit Trail
  • Aging Report (In local and foreign currency)
  • Aging Report As At Specific Date (In local and foreign currency)
  • Payment Schedule (In local and foreign currency)
  • Payment Details (In local and foreign currency)
  • Payment Distribution (In local and foreign currency)
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Payment Voucher
  • Voucher Distribution
  • Mailing Label