Developer Billing System


Navitas Developer Billing System is designed specifically for housing developers this package comprises Property information, Marketing, Loan tracking and Accounting Information.


  1. Web-Technology.
  2. Capable of creating charts (eg. Pie, Bar, Graphs…) for better decision making by higher level of management staff.
  3. Capable of printing detail reports and summary reports.
  4. Capable of scan project layout plan for sales and marketing department.
  5. Capable of storing images for each project. Allow auto-preview: Useful during exhibition or launching of new projects.
  6. Capable of scanning your own plan and plot your own lot/units into the plan.
  7. Ease of use, user friendly and menu driver.
  8. Powerful filtering capability that enable you to filter on more than one condition.
  9. Incremental search capability.
  10. Multi-tasking. Capable of opening more than one program at the same time.
  11. OLE Automation: Can copy letter from to MS Word to from our system: Able Import images from other program to Navitas Developer Billing System.
  12. Also available are our user definable billing code, user definable progress schedules, user definable letter and user-definable project layout plan.
  13. Automatically-generate carbon copy (C.C.) to Purchaser, Financier, Sales & Purchase Solicitor, Purchaser’s Financier of Loan Solicitor accordingly.


Handle detail information of individual project / property unit

  1. Handle multiple projects
  2. Handle multiple phases for each project
  3. Handle multiple housing types for each phase
  4. Detail information of individual lot: land area, built area, land cost, bumi-lot, selling price, discount and position of the unit.


Designed to keep track of the following information

  1. Booking
  2. Confirmation (allocation of Joint-Ownership)
  3. Cancellation of booking
  4. Waiting list
  5. Prospective buyer


Designed to maintain details information regarding on purchasers, end-financiers and solicitors

  1. Progress billing
  2. User defined Progress Billing Schedule (can have multiple schedule)
  3. Automatic spilt billing
  4. Miscellaneous billing such as quit rent, renovation & etc.
  5. Collection received
  6. Allocation of payment to outstanding billings
  7. Adjustment such as refund is allowed
  8. Overdue interest computation and updating
  9. Ability to waive all or individual purchaser’s overdue interest.
  10. Loan status tracking


  • Project List
  • Phase List
  • Housing Type List
  • Housing Lot List
  • Booked Lot List
  • Confirmed Lot List
  • Financier List
  • Solicitor List
  • Misc Charges List
  • GL Account List
  • Audit Trail
  • Daily Confirm List
  • Daily Booking List
  • Booking Expiry List
  • Purchaser List
  • Purchaser Aging
  • Purchaser Outstanding
  • Financier Status
  • Financier Aging
  • Financier Outstanding
  • Loan Status
  • Loan Pending (Approval or Released)
  • Waiting List
  • Prospective Buyer
  • Purchaser Ledger


  • Progress Billing
  • Renovation Billing
  • Miscellaneous Billing
  • Progress Re-noticing
  • Official Receipt
  • Monthly Statement
  • Debit Note (Interest)
  • Reminder Letter
  • User Defined Letter
  • Mailing Label