General Ledger System


Navitas General Ledger System provides the preparation of customizable set of financial statements and analysis, cash book and bank reconciliation reports, and full set of transactions listing. This system is fully integrated with Navitas Account Receivable and Payable System that make it possible to retrieve subledger from them. Navitas General Ledger System allows the consolidation of multiple companies to produce a group company report as a whole. It should be highlighted that end-users can create their own P/L and Balance Sheet account with maximum flexibility where users can define their own report header, column header, sub-header, column specifier, fixed assets format, accumulator, grouping of debit and credit and much more.

The final reports can also break down to department level and financial month level. It is up to the users to configure. Our chart of accounts can also be grouped accordingly so as to make the preparation of final reports easier.Users can even compare budgeted, actual and history amount. The comparison can be in graph or table form format.


  1. Flexible chart of account
  2. Free formatting user- defined transaction type, manufacturing expenditure statement, balance sheet and notes of account (financial statement).
  3. Cash book
  4. Monthly transactions audit list by source document and date
  5. Forward posting up to a year or more
  6. Comparison with history and/or budget together with chart
  7. Instant of ledger for any period and voucher details can be retrieved
  8. Extensive of 12 months accounting period facility for auditor’s adjustment
  9. Flexible voucher running number (can be on source code level or system level)
  10. Chart of account can be grouped for ease of report creation
  11. Companies can be consolidated to produce group company report


  • Audit Trail Report
  • Aging Report (In local and foreign currency)
  • Aging Report As At Specific Date (In local and foreign currency)
  • Monthly Statement (In local and foreign currency)
  • Sales Analysis
  • Collection Analysis (In local and foreign currency)
  • Collection Forecast (In local and foreign currency)
  • Customer Turnover Report (In local and foreign currency)
  • Reminder Letter 10. Official Receipt
  • Mailing Label
  • Sales Person Sales Report
  • Sales Person Sales / Collection Report
  • Regional Sales Report
  • Sales Analysis For Invoicing System