Inventory Control System


Navitas Inventory Control System provides a complete inventory management solution for you, controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring adequate supplies, increasing warehouse productivity, and significantly reducing paper flow. In addition, it allows capturing of product image, provides on-line inquiries, comprehensive reports, detail audit trails, and solid security control system.


  1. Detail information of stock item
  2. Provide individual notepad (for key-in extra information) for each stock item
  3. Allow capturing of Bin No and Barcode No
  4. Allow storing of product image for each stock item
  5. Track cost of goods sold by Average, Standard, or FIFO
  6. Multiple pricing (A, B, C, D, Min, Max)
  7. Multiple report unit (Converted, input, Report, and Decimal Format)
  8. Unlimited number of warehouses
  9. Unlimited unit of measurements
  10. Support alternate part
  11. Auto capturing of latest suppliers and latest purchases cost references
  12. Auto capturing of last sale and purchase transactions
  13. Auto capturing of user information, system date and time for each transaction (to be used in Audit Trail)
  14. Two product grouping with one user-defined grouping
  15. User-defined decimal places for quantity and cost
  16. Transactions include purchase, purchase return, sale, sale return, adjustment, transfer, write off, and physical stock count of stock items.
  17. Allow foreign currency in purchase and purchase return
  18. Allow printing of detail or summary stock ledger card
  19. Provide the current stock quantities accurately, with locations breakdown or locations consolidated
  20. Comprehensive reports that allow grouping of stock item (three types of group); You can even break off the grouping if necessary.


  • Audit Trail
  • Closing Stock
  • Stock List
  • Stock Status
  • Stock Evaluation
  • Stock Trading P/L
  • Margin Analysis
  • Stock Aging Analysis
  • Sale / Purchase History
  • Stock Reorder
  • Physical Count
  • Stock Discrepancy