Point Of Sales System


Navitas Point-of-Sale system is specially designed to improve your detail business by managing your cash collection accurately, tracking the inventory efficiently, and providing you with comprehensive sales report for profit / loss analysis.



Navitas Point-of-Sale system has been successfully installed in various market segments such as:

  1. Hypermarkets
  2. Supermarkets
  3. Duty Free Shops
  4. Chain Stores
  5. Book Stores
  6. Gift-Shops
  7. Cosmetics & Perfumes Counters
  8. Boutiques
  9. Leather Goods
  10. Footwear
  11. Apparel
  12. Sporting Goods
  13. Drug / Pharmacies
  14. Service Sales
  15. Record s & Tapes
  16. Car Accessories
  17. & etc.


  1. Its facility is ideal for establishments in making cash sales.
  2. Allow user by either key in the item code or scan in the manufacturer code.
  3. Accept multiple payment mode. Example cash, credit card, gift voucher and cash coupon.
  4. Sales payment screen: display large numeric wording for customer view.
  5. Accept foreign currency sales.
  6. Allow group discount for batch pyrchasing by customer.
  7. Item discount can be in the form of amount ($) or percentage (%).
  8. Allow itemized the group, brand, category and item code.
  9. Online capture on minimum stock reorder level control.
  10. Price changing history control.
  11. Staff attendance management.
  12. Sales promoter commission payment.
  13. Keep track all of the VIP card holder information and their accumulated sales figure.
  14. It provides on-line interactive processing , the daily transactions are immediately consolidated & posted to update stock level.
  15. Automatically adjust stock level for goods received, returned or written off.
  16. Promotion item settings: by percent, amount, or by selling price.
  17. Allow promotion setting by range , and allow to extend or forward the promotion effective date.
  18. Able to handle stock take effectively.
  19. Monitor sales is online viewing for each terminal in average 5 to 10 seconds.
  20. Stock ledger can provide useful stock movement information to the user.
  21. Besides viewing the item ledger, user can obtain additional information for the item like item purchase history and the related supplier’s information.
  22. Unit cost of goods received are also recorded. The costing method apply is average cost method.
  23. Goods received, returned, written-off documents can be counter check in audit trail report before posting.
  24. Print barcode label.
  25. Enable linking the sales figure with Multics Accounting Software Packages.
  26. A reconciliation routine utility is ready to discover the inconsistency errors happened in the transaction data files.


  • Daily Counter Collection Report
  • Daily Sales Analysis
  • Daily Sales Details Report
  • Monthly Summary Sales Report
  • Monthly Summary Sales Analysis
  • Group Summary Sales Report
  • Stock Movement Analysis
  • Stock Performance Report
  • Sales Person Commision Report
  • Audit Trail Report
  • Closing Stock Report
  • Profit Margin Analysis Report
  • Stock Reorder Report
  • Promotion Item list Report
  • Stock Take Report
  • Receipt Replacement Report
  • User Tracking Report
  • VIP Sales Report